Two Months Until Election: DON’T PANIC with Kristina Keats CW 65

two months until election

I am excited to have Kristina Keats back on the podcast today to help me cover everything you need to know about the last two months before your local election! If you are starting to panic, don’t! We will break down in simple steps what you need to make sure to do so you can keep your calm while you run for local political office.

I know it can seem overwhelming when you only have sixty days left before the election. There is so much to do and so little time to do it in! But don’t worry, we will help you by making sure you know what is worth spending your time on and what you skip. Continue reading

Two Months Until Election: DON’T PANIC with Kristina Keats CW 65- transcript

two months until electionJohn Tsarpalas: My good friend Kristina Keats is back with me this week. We’re here because it is only two months until the November election and there is lots to think about and lots to do. But more importantly, it’s Two Months to the Election; Don’t Panic! Commonwealthy #65. Continue reading

Campaign Planner CW 64

Campaign Planner

Are you curious about how to put everything together that we talk about on the Commonwealthy podcast? Does it just all seem so overwhelming? Well, don’t worry. Today I am going to explain how to use our detailed campaign planner, which is free from commonwaelhty, so that you can have every step of your political campaign for local office planned out.

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Campaign Planner CW 64- transcript

Campaign Planner CW 64John Tsarpalas: I am really excited today because we are going to talk about something we’ve put together for you, a resource. It is a fabulous spreadsheet campaign planner. You are going to be able to download it for free.

Just simply go to and that will take you right to the page that the show notes for that podcast will be. You can listen to the podcast there while you are at it. But you will be able to sign up and download our free Excel spreadsheet.

This planner just does everything you need to put together your plan. So today it is Commonwealthy #64, Campaign Planner. Continue reading