Using Volunteers in a Political Campaign with Kristina Keats CW 15 Transcript

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John Tsarpalas: Politics is a team sport. One of the most valuable assets to a campaign are good volunteers. Commonwealthy #15, Volunteers in a Political Campaign.

I am here with Kristina Keats and we are going to talk about volunteers: volunteers for campaigns, volunteers for organizations. How do you find volunteers? How do you motivate them? And how do you manage them? Because it is a big job, all three of those. Continue reading

Voter ID Scripts with Kristina Keats CW 14

This week Tina Keats and I discuss voter ID scripts. Whether you are having volunteers calling voters or go door to door or you are doing it yourself, you will want to have a voter ID script prepared to make the most of your interaction. The data that you collect from your voter interactions are very important to the success of your political campaign!  Continue reading

Voter ID Scripts with Kristina Keats CW 14 Transcript

John Tsarpalas: Last week we talked about targeting voters. Targeting them with what? Well, voter ID scripts of course! This is Commonwealthy podcast #14.

Well, today Tina and I are going to talk about scripts. We’ve talked in the past a little bit about making phone calls and going door to door. In every one of those situations where you are talking to a voter or a volunteer is talking to a voter, you need to have a good, rehearsed script.   Continue reading