Public Speaking Basics for the Candidate CW 20

public speaking for political candidate
This week Paul Miller joins me as a special guest host. That’s right: Paul will be interviewing me for a change! We will be outlining the basics of a great speech for any candidate. If you are nervous about public speaking during your political campaign or want some tips to help improve your speeches, then you don’t want to miss this podcast.
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Public Speaking Basics for the Candidate CW 20- Transcript

public speaking basics political candidatePaul Miller:  Welcome to another edition of Commonwealthy. You are probably not recognizing this voice because I am not your normal host, John Tsarpalas. This is Paul Miller coming to you on a very different, yet important podcast.

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School Board Issues with Kyle Olson CW 19 Transcript

School board issuesJohn Tsarpalas: Today on Commonwealthy, we are going to step aside from the campaign trail and talk about school board issues. Most of the local offices in America are school boards. There are lots and lots of things happening in those boards and in those districts and in those schools.   Continue reading