Political Campaign Lessons Learned CW 45- Transcript

John Tsarpalas: Today I am going to relate things that just happened to me in the last couple of days because I think there are lessons to be learned. That’s what we are calling it today: Political Campaign Lessons Learned. This is Commonwealthy #45.

I am recording this on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, the morning after the Republican Iowa Caucuses. Actually the Democrats, too, but anyway, the Iowa Caucuses. First off, I had actually worked the Iowa Caucuses back in the nineties. It was hard, long hours. I was there for at least a week. I was a volunteer for Steve Forbes. “Read More” Continue reading

Precinct Work CW 44- Transcript

precinct work

John Tsarpalas: I wanted to go into more detail on how things work in a precinct level. How do you analyze what precincts to work, figure out swing voters and ticket splitters, swing precincts, fortress precincts, and timing of when you are working that precinct? How about registering voters that might be voting for you?

And then I add a little smattering at campaign finance law thrown in here because I got ticked off thinking about it. So today, it is Commonwealthy #44, Precinct Work. Continue reading