Overcoming Your Fears in Politics CW 72

overcoming your fears in politics

Politics is scary! Trust me, I understand! If you are going to run for local office and make a difference in your community, then you need to be able to overcome that fear. Today on Commonwealthy I am talking about overcoming your fears in politics. I am going to help you move past your fears by giving your practical things that you can do for specific fears related to politics. Continue reading

Overcoming Your Fears in Politics CW 72- transcript

overcoming your fears in politicsJohn Tsarpalas: I was just thinking back to the first political event I ever went to. I was nervous. I didn’t know anybody there. I didn’t have any friends in politics. I just knew I was interested and had a burning desire to change the world and I wanted to find out more.

So I remember calling up and then they invited me to something. And I went. I was nervous. And just about everything that I have done in politics (in a campaign, in organizations), just before I did it, I was nervous. So let’s talk about that today because this is big. There is tremendous fear related to politics.

This is Commonwealthy #72, Overcoming Your Fears in Politics. Continue reading

Start a Political Organization CW 71

start a political organization

One of the best ways to make a real difference in your community, election year or not, is to start a political organization. Local political organizations provide a permanent infrastructure to support limited government conservative candidates and provide a way to organize activism year round. Political organizations are key to getting our candidates elected so we can implement policy at any level. Continue reading

Start a Political Organization CW 71- transcript

How to Start a Political OrganizationJohn Tsarpalas: In our last podcast, Commonweatlhy #70, What Do You Learn When You Lose an Election, I mentioned that one of the things I learned was we needed infrastructure. Not the campaign, but the GOP. Something local. Something that we could count on that was going to be there that could support candidates and voter ID and Get Out the Vote.

So after losing my first two campaigns, I went over to my local GOP organization. Luckily, they let me build that organization up. And when Tina and I started building that local organization and using that as a foundation for campaigns that we were involved in, that’s when we started winning elections.

So today I am going to talk about that very thought. Build a Political Organization, Commonwealthy #71. Continue reading