Running for Office on a Slate CW 75

running for office on a slate

Have you thought about running for office on a slate? If you have been thinking about running for your local township board, county board or school board, then you should consider if running on a slate would be the best option for you. Today we are going to cover the pros and cons of running on a slate, with a PAC, and as an individual. Continue reading

Running for Office on a Slate CW 75- transcript

running for office on a slate (1)

John Tsarpalas: As we are now in the local political campaign season with spring elections coming up upon us quickly and I have clients asking me questions, I was thinking you probably have similar questions. Let’s talk about political slates. This is Commonwealthy #75, Running for Office on a Slate. Continue reading

Seven Types of Political Capacities CW 74

Political Capacities

There is so much that can be done on the activism side of politics to help make lasting change in your local community. Today on the Commonwealthy podcast we are going to be talking about seven types of political capacities that the right side needs to be involved with in order to bring our vision of a free market limited government to reality. Continue reading