Commonwealthy.com – Training People Who Know the Benefits of Limited Government to Win Elections

Win Elections

Commonwealthy.com is a website and podcast that offers training to help people who know the benefits of smaller limited government to win elections. Commonwealthy brings hope and support in the form of ideas for activism, political campaign training, products and book recommendations. Written for those who believe that government is not the panacea for all our problems. Whether you call yourself a classical Liberal, Tea Partier, Conservative, Libertarian, Republican, Constitution Party member, free marketer, Austrian School of Economics subscriber, objectivist, Second Amendment supporter, or any of the other myriad ways to express your belief in less government, Commonwealthy is a place to come together to share campaign and activism ideas and draw strength and courage to go out and fight the statist system through the exercising of our Constitutional rights.

Commonwealthy’s training section and podcasts will explain how to run for office, how to organize groups, ways to state our ideas and ideals in positive, receptive ways that are convincing to the public. Commonwealthy will spotlight the latest technologies available to energize our campaigns, our organizations and build community. Commonwealthy will interview others in our movement to share strategies—what works, and what doesn’t.

Commonwealthy.com offers links to books and links that relate to our cause. Some of the links maybe to a another site that might pay an affiliate marketing commision. Commonwealthy will always disclose these relationships so you can make up your own mind. Unlike our government commonwealthy believes in transparency.

Our movement is based on sound economic principles and God- given human rights (even if you are an atheist). Our ideas are grounded in facts and truths—the requisite intellectual foundation for presentation of our arguments in the political arena.

Politics is a team sport. We need to create a team, a community of activists, willing to step up, some to organize and others to run for office. Winning elections matter. We must change minds, field candidates for every office and get them elected. Once elected they need to be held accountable. We intend to give you great information, ideas and motivation. Commonwealthy welcomes your feedback and involvement. There is literally so much at stake!

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