Kristina “Tina” Keats

Tina Keats

Kristina “Tina” Keats has been active in Republican politics since 1992. She is experienced in all areas from grass roots to data analysis, political strategy, policy analysis, speech preparation and messaging. Tina has run campaigns from school board to Congress and has a 93% winning record (26 wins; 2 losses). As part of the New Trier Republican organization she developed sophisticated grassroots strategies that provided the winning margin in Mark Kirk’s first run for congress.

Prior to political involvement Tina started a small manufacturing business in 1977 (sold in 1994). Mrs. Keats is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School. Kristina is currently retired and living in Texas.

2010 – Executive Director, Two Party System
The Two Party System was formed by business leaders to change the legislative majority in Illinois. The organization made approximately 2 million phone calls to support legislative races, enhanced the data with micro-targeting, and conducted two seminars with pollster, Frank Luntz. Nine new Republicans were elected to the legislature in Illinois.

2008 – Campaign Manager, Senator Dan Duffy
Senator Duffy was the only non-incumbent Republican elected to the legislature in Illinois in 2008. He received 62% of the vote while Obama and the Democrat Congresswoman both carried Duffy’s district easily.

2007 – Campaign Manager, Congressman Mark Kirk
Wrote the Campaign Plan for the 2008 cycle and laid the ground work for a strong grass roots campaign for Congressman Mark Kirk. Kirk won with 53% even though Obama swept Illinois including the 10th Congressional District (with 61%). Congressman Kirk followed the plan and felt it was instrumental to his victory.

2000 – Co-chairman of Kirk for Congress campaign in New Trier Township
Coordinated the grass roots effort for Kirk in his first race and secured a 56% victory for Kirk in a township that typically votes 63% Democrat. Al Gore carried the township with 63% of the vote. Congressman Kirk dubbed it “The New Trier Miracle” since he won by less than .005% of the vote overall and would not have won without the outstanding performance in New Trier.

Reference: State Senator Dan Duffy – Illinois State Senator – 26th District
“Tina Keats has been my political mentor, adviser and manager for the past four years. Tina was a successful small business owner and Harvard graduate who’s passion for politics is apparent the second you meet her. Tina lives and breathes politics. She is literally the most successful campaign manager in Illinois. Nobody knows grassroots
politics, messaging or how to manage a political campaign better than Tina. I had one stipulation when I ran for the State Senate in Illinois – Tina had to be my partner in the battle or I was not running for office. I have learned more from Tina over the years than I could ever express in words. Tina is a treasure and a political guru with no equal!”

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  1. Tina also managed the 1999 school board campaign of a newcomer to politics, who was top vote getter and defeated the sitting favored democrat.

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