And You Call Yourself a Patriot

military dog tags and flag font for patriotThe Fourth of July is here; You believe in the American Dream, apple pie, Mom and Pop, free markets, peace and prosperity for all. You love this country because you know that despite its imperfections and its mistakes, America is still the best country that mankind has ever established.

So you wave the flag, hang out with family, and watch the fireworks. But what have you done to protect this democracy? To make America a little better? Sure, America may be taking about a third of your time in taxes “to make improvements”, but we know most of that is wasted. Taxes are actually making many things worse, but we are all stuck with them (well the half of us who pay taxes are, at least!).

So what are you really doing to make it better?

There are over 500,000 elected offices in America. Why do we cede control to those who make helping others through the force of government their religion? Sure we are busy. Sure we have a real religion. But if we love this country like we say we do, why aren’t we stepping up to public service? Real public service; not just the garbage the professional politicians claim. Unpaid public service. And doing it because it is the right thing to do. Not to get a job or a favor or a contract, but because you understand economics, what motivates people, and the true benefits of freedom and less government. And you want to share with the world the outcome that you know can be.

Find a local office and run for it! Win and do something to make that school, that town, that fire district, that library, that park board, that highway commission, that township, that county, or that village, more responsive, more transparent, better run, more efficient, less bureaucratic, more effective. Perhaps find a way to solve the problem and eliminate the government body.

Is it so crazy to believe that someday there can be only 400,000 elected offices in America, and yet all students will receive an excellent education, the roads will all be in good condition, there is less crime, and taxes are lower and more fair?

There are 500,000 ways to be a true patriot in America and you don’t even have to pass a physical or go to a recruiting office to join. Run for local office. America needs you!



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