Automated Phone System Scripts and Special Interest Group Questionnaires with Kristina Keats CW 29

Automated Phone systems

Tina Keats is back on the podcast today to talk about two important topics: automated phone system scripts and special interest group questionnaires. If you are running for local office or working as a campaign manager for a local political campaign, then you don’t want to miss the information shared on this podcast! 

Robo-calls are an essential part of every political campaign. If you want to find out how to do them right, then tune in to the podcast today! And if you want to find out how to save yourself tons of time on special interest group questionnaires, then make sure you listen all the way through!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why you need to do robo-calls– learn why automated phone systems still have a place in today’s political campaigns
  • How to keep people from hanging uplearn the basics of how to make sure that people answer your robo-call and listen to it
  • What not to say- learn what commonly used phrase is a sure way to get people to not listen to your automated call
  • Who to have record your automated call- learn who you can have record your robo-call to have the most effective one
  • What a PAC islearn what a PAC is and how they can help you in your political campaign
  • Why you need to be careful about special interest groupslearn what a special interest group is and why you need to be extra careful about them
  • When you shouldn’t be afraid to use your trashcanlearn why you don’t need to feel guilty about throwing out questionnaires
  • Whose questionnaires you need to answer- learn whose questionnaires you need to make sure to answer and how to prepare for them

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 Transcript: Available here

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