Branding for Political Campaigns and Activist Organizations with Nicole Williams CW 54

Branding for Political Campaigns

In today’s world, branding is a big buzzword. How does branding fit into the world of political campaigns and activism? I have special guest Nicole Williams of Spark Freedom on today’s podcast to discuss branding for political candidates and activist organizations. She has lots of great ideas and information to share with you.

If you are a political candidate or activist, or if you are working on a political campaign, then you need to hear what Nicole has to share with us. The information that she shares about branding will help bring your political campaign to the next level and help you win your local election!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it is important to define your goal up front- learn how having a clear, measurable goal will help shape your branding
  • How messaging is shaped by your end goal– learn how you can use your goal to define the message for your political campaign
  • Why it is important to limit your key points- learn why you don’t want to have more than two or three key points for your end goal
  • How you can creatively use interns to help define your messaging- learn how you can recruit interns to do surveys to help define your branding
  • Why story matters for political candidates and activist organizations – learn why it is important to tell a story instead of listing facts
  • How story fits into branding for political candidates- learn how story fits into defining your political campaign or activist organization’s brand


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Contact information: 

Nicole Williams


John Tsarpalas

Twitter: @JTsarpalas


Nicole’s Bio:

Nicole Williams headshotAs president of Spark Freedom, Nicole works with many freedom-oriented organizations to improve their marketing and communications. She is passionate about raising awareness of and appreciation for the ideals of liberty, freedom, and self-reliance.

In addition to her role at Spark Freedom, Nicole runs a small homestead where she raises chickens, grows vegetables, and roasts coffee. Active in her community, Nicole serves as president of the board of directors of a local classical choir, Mastersingers of Cookeville. She also serves as secretary on the board of directors for the Dekalb County Farmers Market in Smithville, Tennessee.

Nicole’s degrees in German, music, and education may not directly relate to the work she does today, but the skills she learned both at university and afterward have provided her with what she needs to excel in her current role, which requires her to analyze problems from multiple perspectives, tailor coaching services and programs to bring outcomes for participants, and use her well-honed abilities for facilitation and motivational speaking.

While the degrees she pursued in her younger years also provided her with beautiful pieces of paper that many claim are required for successful entry into the job market, she has found these to be less and less necessary as the years go by.

Transcript: Available here

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