Campaign Palm Cards with Kristina Keats CW 05

Blank campaign palm card
This week Kristina “Tina” Keats is joining me again to talk about your campaign palm cards. These cards are a campaign staple that every candidate needs to have as soon as they start campaigning. We are going to go through designing palm cards step by step so that you can have effective literature that helps people learn about you and then vote for you!

I am excited to cover this topic with Tina today since this is such an essential part of campaigning. We want to make sure that you know everything you need in order to design a winning palm card. Listen to this podcast so that you can avoid rookie mistakes to save money and win elections!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • When to create your palm cards- why you need to get your palm cards before you even get on the ballot
  • What is the eight second rule- and how you can make sure your palm cards pass the test
  • What elements to include- what you need to make sure to include on your palm card and what to leave off
  • How many photographs to include- how many photos should be on your palm card and who should be in them
  • Why color matters- what colors to use and what colors to avoid to send the right message
  • Why design is important- and where to turn to get professional designs that will sell you well to the voters
  • What is branding- and how it applies to your campaign literature, signs, and website
  • What you need to know about disclaimerswhat you need to know so that your campaign stays within the confines of election laws
  • Where to get palm card printedand how many cards to have printed for your campaign

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Tina Keats’ Biography: Available here

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Thank you for listening!

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