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Do you love a good underdog story? If so, I have a treat for you today. Jason Carini is the county treasurer in Rogers County, Oklahoma . He is joining me on the podcast to talk about how he overcame a twenty-four year incumbent in a local election and is able to help clean up his county government as a result. Jason has a great story to tell and plenty of practical advice to give about how to run for local political office and win a local election.

If you want to see some real change happen in your community, join us today to get some great tips on how to make that happen. Jason’s strategies will work whether you want to run for local political office or be a watchdog and activist in your community. Change starts with you! So listen in today as we find out the best ways to make change possible.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why past political failures shouldn’t stop you from trying again– learn why you should learn from your mistakes and try again
  • How knowing the political make-up of your area can help- learn why you want to find out your local political environment
  • What to do to run a quick campaign- learn a strategy to successfully put together a winning campaign in just a few weeks
  • Why the amount of support you have matters- learn what the amount of financial support your campaign has says about you
  • How to build relationships with key leaders in your community- learn what you need to do to quickly and successfully network with local leaders
  • How the number of households differs from the number of voters- learn when you need to concentrate on the number of households instead of voters
  • Why absentee and early voters make the difference- learn why you want to make sure to get the absentee and early votes so you can win
  • How to use the Freedom of Information Act in your political campaign- learn different ideas on how to use FOIA to help you win the election


Anatomy of an Upset: Rogers County Treasurer: article

Incumbents Turned Out: article

Jason Carini’s Treasurer’s Memo: link

Contact information: 

Jason Carini



John Tsarpalas

Twitter: @JTsarpalas



Transcript: Available here

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