The Five Key Elements of a Persuasive Tag Line

Guest Post by Kristina Keats

So what is a tag line?  It is a pithy message that defines your campaign. Before you design any literature, write any speeches, or in any way market yourself, you should have a tag line that works for you.  If it is good, it should be easy to remember and easy for you to explain your ideas and platform as it relates to your tag line. Continue reading

Working with Volunteers in a Political Campaign

Volunteers on Red Road Sign.Never make a volunteer wait!! The volunteer is giving you the most precious thing anyone has – their time. If you waste it, they will not come back again.

If a volunteer calls or walks in, you should make him/her a priority. If you are on the phone, get off and talk to the volunteer. If you are working on another task, drop it and greet the volunteer. Treat him/her as the precious guest he/she is. Continue reading