Research for a Political Campaign CW 76- transcript

John Tsarpalas: It occurred to me during the last podcast that I was talking about you need to know your opposition (who you are running against). That was the podcast about running on a slate. Who you are running against? What’s the slate going to stand for? What is the big issue in the election?

It dawned on me that we had not talked about doing research. So this Commonwealthy #76, Research for a Political Campaign. Continue reading

Running for Office on a Slate CW 75- transcript

running for office on a slate (1)

John Tsarpalas: As we are now in the local political campaign season with spring elections coming up upon us quickly and I have clients asking me questions, I was thinking you probably have similar questions. Let’s talk about political slates. This is Commonwealthy #75, Running for Office on a Slate. Continue reading

Seven Types of Political Capacities CW 74- transcript


types of political capacities

John Tsarpalas: Well, today on Commonwealthy I want to talk about activism and I want to talk about some ideas that maybe you haven’t thought about that have been going on out there for quite a while by the left, by progressives. I want to talk about different ways you can change the political spectrum in America using different means, different capabilities, different capacities if you will.

Think about it. Laws change through courts. They change through winning elections. They change through lobbying. They change through the media and press. There’s lots of ways to change the political landscape. We are going to talk about that today because this is something I’ve worked on in my past quite a bit and helped to build some organizations to deal with some of this. Continue reading