Coaching and Consulting

How Can I Help You?

candidate coaching and consultant

John Tsarpalas, candidate coach and consultant


If you are running for office or are just considering becoming a candidate, we should talk. The first half hour consultation is free, and in this time I work with you to gain a better idea of how I can help, or refer you to someone better suited to give the support you might need.

Since first becoming involved in politics in the1980s, I took a more active role in 1996, managing, consulting, and running campaigns and political organizations. I have managed, consulted and/or worked in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.

I have helped candidates run for school board, park board, library board, village board, junior college district, township office, county positions, state representatives, state senate, and congress. Having personally sat on multiple not-for-profit boards and managed large governing boards, I also advise on dealing with the politics of boards and winning small elections within organizations.

Organization Consulting

I have managed, trained and consulted Republican organizations, Tea Party groups, initiative and referendum groups, 501c3 not for profits, PACs, 501c4 issue advocacy groups, and private organizations. I am not an attorney but understand the political, legal, and IRS ramifications for each type of organization. Involved in training programs in over 35 states, I can help your leadership with goal setting, planning and implementation. 


I love training and coaching Get Out The Vote, volunteers and field operations, fundraising, public speaking, and debate prep.

My network of referrals can get you the expertise you may need. I have an expert for you in almost any area you may need help.

How Do I Work

I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world via phone, Skype, or other video conference. The first half hour is free. My standard consultation rate beyond that is $160 per hour, and I do bill by the quarter hour.

I am also available in person as a public speaker, group trainer, or for live meetings. If you need a passionate, motivational trainer or speaker that will get your group fired-up, please contact me to get a quote on fees.

Contact Me

There is no cost to contact me and get my initial feedback. I understand the budgetary restraints of a small campaign; I am here to help win political campaigns, no matter the size.