Get Out the Vote for Political Campaign with Tina Keats CW 42

Get Out the Vote

You have done all of this hard work collecting information in your database about who is voting for you. Now what do you do with it? In today’s podcast, Tina joins me to lay a foundation on Get Out the Vote. If you really want to win your local election, then you need to learn how to have a successful Get Out the Vote plan!

I am excited to begin to cover this essential topic with Tina. We have seen over and over that Get Out the Vote is the key to victory in many local political campaigns. Today we will share our experiences with you and help you achieve victory of your own! Join us today as we discuss Get Out the Vote for political campaigns.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to plan for Get Out the Vote– learn the importance of having a good Get Out the Vote plan for your local political campaign
  • What field operations are- learn what role field operations play in preparing for a successful Get Out the Vote push
  • Why money alone doesn’t win elections – learn what role finances play in campaigns, and what they cannot do for you
  • How identifying voters is only part of the job- learn why identifying voters is not enough to win you the election
  • Why emails and social media is not enough to get people to the polls- learn what you need to do to make sure that people actually come vote
  • How to prioritize to best utilize your political campaign’s time- learn who to concentrate your Get Out the Vote efforts on first and foremost
  • Why a good database is key to a successful campaign- learn why you need to have a good database in place from the beginning of your campaign 


Study on Get Out the Vote:

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John Tsarpalas

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Transcript: Available here

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