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Thinking manKnow What You Think, Politically of Course

This week Kristina “Tina” Keats is joining me again to talk about figuring out what you think about issues before you run for office. When you are a candidate for a local office and talking with people in the community, you will need to have answers on where you stand on a wide variety of issues. Today we will be discussing how you can prepare ahead of time so that you are ready with a good answer when those questions come your way!

I am excited to cover this topic with Tina today since it is so crucial to be successful in politics. Your stance on a wide variety of political issues is one of the determining factors as to whether or not someone will vote for you. We want to see you win your election, and today we are going to show you one way to make sure you have a fighting chance!

In this episode, you’ll learn:
Why you need to know the issues– learn why it is important to know what you believe before you start campaigning
What issues are important-learn what are the main issues that you need to know what you think and how to find out about other important issues in your area
How to prepare-learn what you can do to help prepare yourself in a low-risk environment to answer people’s questions on different issues
How to phrase your answers-learn how you say something matters and how to learn to phrase your answers to get the best response
What to do if you don’t know-learn how to win a supporter even if you are asked about an issue you don’t know about
Why location matters-learn why all politics is local is true, and how finding out about your town’s culture can help you succeed in politics

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John Tsarpalas


Tina Keats’ Biography: Available here

Transcript: Available here

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