What Do You Learn When You Lose Your Election with Kristina Keats CW 70

what do you learn when you lose your election

You have put all of this time, energy, and money into running for local political office, but you lost the election. Did you just waste the last several months doing something that didn’t matter? Or perhaps can you look at the situation differently in your mind? Today on Commonwealthy we are going to cover what do you learn when you lose your election.

I am excited to cover this topic today with Kristina Keats because we both have learned through our years of experience in local politics that you can learn as much when you lose an election as you can when you win an election. We want to help you realize that you didn’t sacrifice your time and work so hard for nothing. There is so much that you can learn and so many opportunities that are now available to you!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What you should do in the day or two after the election– why what you do immediately after your local election can help you immensely in the future
  • Why you should continue to ID voters- why phone calls and voter ID are worth your time even after you lost an election
  • How doing something wrong once helps you in the end– why learning by doing is so important in political campaigning
  • What life lessons you can take away from the election- why applying lessons you learned in politics to the rest of your life is so important
  • How to stay involved in politics even when you lose an election– what you can do in politics without being elected to local political office
  • When to consider revamping your local political organization- why building a strong local organization is worth your time and effort
  • Why you should consider running for local office again- why giving up after one attempt at running for political office might not be the right decision

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Transcript: Available here

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