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This week Paul Miller joins me as a special guest to discuss media relations. Paul is the head of the political and media consulting group, The Paulie Group. As a respected authority on journalism, media relations, national politics, foreign policy and media accountability, Paul has been quoted and sourced by the New York Times, Fox News, Chicago Tribune and the Washington Times. He has had countless stories published on The Hill, The Drudge Report and Breitbart. He has been on countless radio programs and worked on many political campaigns.

I am excited to have Paul on the podcast to teach us the trade secrets of media relations for political campaigns. No matter what the size of your campaign, you will want to make sure to listen to this podcast and learn everything that you can about this important topic.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Where to start in building a media presence– learn step by step how to build a media presence for your political campaign.
  • How long to make a press release- learn the ideal length to make a press release so that it is read and not just deleted
  • Why you want to get the media’s phone numbers- learn how having phone numbers ahead of time can save you lots of headaches later on
  • How a lazy press might work to your advantage- learn the advantages of a lazy or small press that might work out well for you
  • Why you need a media kit available- learn what a media kit is and what you need to include in it
  • What kind of events to invite the press to- learn what events you will want the press at, and how it might change the dynamic of the event for you
  • How often contact the press- learn the formula for how often you will want to send something to the press during different stages of your political campaign

Contact information: 

Paul Miller



John Tsarpalas


Paul Miller’s Bio:

Paul Miller is a highly regarded journalist, editorial writer and political consultant, he founded in 2009 the political and new media consulting firm Pauliegroup LLC.

A childhood steeped in freedom of political expression around the family dinner table led Paul to the formal study of journalism, ultimately shaping him into the outspoken critic of Progressive anti-Semitism and media bias against Israel that has characterized him for the last two decades. His byline can be found in the New York Post, Fox News, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Jerusalem Post and The Hill. His work has been featured on the Drudge Report and news sites across the globe.  As a respected authority on national politics, Middle East policy and media accountability, Paul has been quoted and sourced by the New York Times, Fox News, Chicago Tribune and the Washington Times.

Transcript: Available here

Thank you for listening!

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