Overcoming Your Fears in Politics CW 72

overcoming your fears in politics

Politics is scary! Trust me, I understand! If you are going to run for local office and make a difference in your community, then you need to be able to overcome that fear. Today on Commonwealthy I am talking about overcoming your fears in politics. I am going to help you move past your fears by giving your practical things that you can do for specific fears related to politics.

I am excited to be discussing overcoming your fear in politics today because I know how many people are sitting on the sidelines in front of their televisions watching politics instead of making a real difference because they are too scared to step out and get involved. I believe that today’s podcast will be a game changer for you and many others who have a desire to be involved in local politics.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get over your fear of getting involved– what you can do to get started in local politics that isn’t as scary as you think
  • Why you should consider bringing a friend with you- why there really is power in numbers, especially in new experiences
  • How to handle an angry person on the other side of the phone or door– what to do when you come across someone who isn’t happy to hear from you
  • What practical steps you can take to gain confidence in asking for money- what you can do to help get more comfortable doing campaign fundraising
  • How to get over a fear of public speaking- what to do in order to get confident in your ability to speak in front of groups of people
  • Why you should prepare for media interviews- how getting prepared for questions from the media can help make it less scary
  • What to consider to help motivate yourself to get over your fears- what you need to think about when you need to get motivated to overcome your fear

Contact information: 

John Tsarpalas

Twitter: @JTsarpalas

Email: john@commonwealthy.com

Transcript: Available here 

Thank you for listening!

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