Podcast Index by Date

Podcast NameGuestRelease
00 Introduction to the Commonwealthy Podcast4/21/2015
01 Understanding the Local Political LandscapeKristina Keats4/27/2015
02 Running for Local OfficeKristina Keats4/29/2015
03 Analyzing Past Election ResultsKristina Keats4/30/2015
04 Know What You ThinkKristina Keats5/5/2015
05 Campaign Palm CardsKristina Keats5/12/2015
06 Campaign Election Law BasicsDeanna Mool5/19/2015
07 Petition ProcessKristina Keats5/26/2015
08 Initiatives and ReferendumsPaul Jacobs6/2/2015
09 Working the RoomKristina Keats6/9/2015
10 Door to Door6/16/2015
11 Name RecognitionKristina Keats6/23/2015
12 Framing the IssuesJohn Tillman6/30/2015
13 Targeting VotersKristina Keats7/7/2015
14 Voter ID ScriptsKristina Keats7/14/2015
15 Using Volunteers in a Political CampaignKristina Keats7/21/2015
16 Media RelationsPaul Miller7/28/2015
17 All Politics is LocalJason Barickman8/4/2015
18 Circles of Influence and Dealing with a Bad VolunteerKristina Keats8/11/2015
19 School Board IssuesKyle Olson8/18/2015
20 Public Speaking Basics for the CandidatePaul Miller8/25/2015
21 Political SlatesKristina Keats9/1/2015
22 American MajorityNed Ryun9/8/2015
23 Starting a Political Internship ProgramKristina Keats9/15/2015
24 Running for Local Office and Basic Political Campaign WebsiteLennie Jarrett9/22/2015
25 Education ActivistLennie Jarrett9/29/2015
26 Voter Databases and SystemsChris Littleton10/6/2015
27 Use of Social Media in a Local Political CampaignAubrey Blankenship10/13/2015
28 Automated Personalized Phone, Video, and Social Media Systems James O’Hara10/20/2015
29 Automated Phone & Special Interest Group QuestionnairesKristina Keats10/27/2015
30 Political Activism Wisconsin StyleMatt Batzel11/3/2015
31 Preparing for Debates and Editorial BoardsKristina Keats11/10/2015
32 Editorial BoardsSteve Huntley11/17/2015
33 How to Raise Money for Political OfficeBrandon Lewis11/24/2015
34 Primary Election StrategiesKristina Keats12/1/2015
35 Asking for Money in a Political CampaignKristina Keats12/8/2015
36 Candidate Watchdog WinnerJason Carini12/15/2015
37 Republican Party Structure12/22/2015
38 Setting Yourself Up to Be a Candidate12/29/2015
39 Truthful Facts Aren’t Negatives Kristina Keats1/5/2016
40 Responding to Political Attacks Kristina Keats1/12/2016
41 Many Local Candidates Have Delusional Ideas Paul Miller1/19/2016
42 Get Out the Vote for Political Campaign Kristina Keats1/26/2016
43 Three Essential Elements in a Political Campaign2/2/2016
44 Precinct Work2/9/2016
45 Political Campaign Lessons Learned2/16/2016
46 Using FOIA Jason A. Hart2/23/2016
47 Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Election Day Strategies Kristina Keats3/1/2016
48 Election Judges and Poll Watchers3/8/2016
49 What Happens on Election Day3/15/2016
50 Election Night and the Morning After3/22/2016
51 Voter Analytics Brittany Kraiser/ Kristina Keats3/29/2016
52 Using Public Speaking to Win Support4/5/2016
53 Vote Fraud – Election Integrity4/12/2016
54 Branding for Political Campaigns and Activist OrganizationsNicole Williams4/19/2016
55 Good Advice for the New Candidate Kristina Keats4/26/2016
56 Good Data Big Data for Political CampaignsPeter Anderson5/10/2016
57 Practical Election Law Insights for the CandidateJohn Fogarty5/24/2016
58 Political Campaign Plan and Budget6/6/2016
59 Election Campaign Graphic DesignRazzaq Lodhia6/20/2016
60 Political Campaign Use of Photography, Video and NoveltiesRazzaq Lodhia7/5/2016
61 The Effect of the Rest of Your Ticket on Your Political Campaign7/19/2016
62 Beating an Incumbent8/2/2016
63 The Role of a Scheduler in a Political Campaign8/16/2016
64 Campaign Planner8/30/2016
65 Two Months Until the Election: DON’T PANIC Kristina Keats9/13/2016
66 Six Reasons to Run for Local Political Office9/27/2016
67 Last Month Before the Election10/11/2016
68 Signs and Designs for Political Campaigns10/25/2016
69 You Just Won Your Election Kristina Keats11/8/2016
70 What to Learn When You Lose Your Election Kristina Keats11/22/2016
71 Starting a Political Organization12/6/2016
72 Overcoming Your Fears in Politics12/20/2016
73 Making Political Events Pay Off1/3/2017