Preparing for Debates and Editorial Boards with Kristina Keats CW 31

Political Debates

Tina Keats is back on the podcast today to give you some great tips on effectively preparing for debates and editorial boards. Even as a candidate running for local office, you should expect to have a debate during your political campaign. We will talk about the difference between the presidential debates and a debate for local office, but how you can still prepare just like a pro! 

Preparing for debates and editorial boards is another important part of having a successful campaign for local political office. Whether you are thinking about running for school board, city council, or state representative, or helping someone else in their campaign, this podcast has what you need to know to help you prepare!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What the differences are between national and local debates– learn how your local debate will be different than the presidential debates 
  • How to prepare for as many topics as possiblelearn what to do in order to have answers to as many questions as possible ahead of time
  • Why you need to learn to reframe questions learn why it is important to reframe questions and how best to do it
  • How going door to door can help you prepare for a debate learn how interacting with voters can help in your debate preparations
  • What to say when you don’t know the answer to a questionlearn a great response for when you are faced with a question you are unprepared for
  • Why a local debate probably won’t make or break your campaignlearn why local debates may not hurt you but you still need to prepare for them
  • How not to interact with your opponents during a debatelearn what you should not do during a debate when addressing your opponent
  • Why editorial boards matter, even if they are biasedlearn why you need to take editorial boards seriously even if the newspaper is prejudiced

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Transcript: Available here

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