Gadsden Area Accent Rug

Don't Tread On Me accent

Make a bold statement for freedom and individual rights.

A beautiful Gadsden Design, DONT TREAD ON ME area rug will accent to any room, home or office. This nylon 30” x 18” jet printed with four colors on a yellow background and bound with a black border makes a perfect gift for your patriot. Featuring our coiled rattlesnake, we had this custom made in America. 

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DONT TREAD ON ME License Plate Frame

Dont Tread on Me License Plate Frame

Get a pair for both the front and rear of your car.

This “DONT TREAD ON ME” yellow, high impact plastic license plate frame features a rattlesnake across the top. Based on the Gadsden Flag theme this reminds your fellow drivers that their rights and life style is under threat.

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“DONT TREAD ON ME” Gadsden design Mouse Pad

A rattlesnake Dont Tread On Me designed mouse pad

Based on the Gadsden Flag, this fun mouse pad gives your office patriotic flair.

A yellow mouse pad based on the Gadsden Flag design features the coiled rattlesnake and “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.
This 7.5″ w X 8″ h X  0.13 d antimicrobial classic mouse pad puts your office on notice.

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