Public Speaking Basics for the Candidate CW 20

public speaking for political candidate
This week Paul Miller joins me as a special guest host. That’s right: Paul will be interviewing me for a change! We will be outlining the basics of a great speech for any candidate. If you are nervous about public speaking during your political campaign or want some tips to help improve your speeches, then you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Paul and I will be going point by point through a basic political campaign speech. We will be giving your pointers at every step to help ensure that you have all of your public speaking basics covered!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why image is important– learn how your image can help portray you as confident even if you are shaking on the inside
  • What type of wording to uselearn the ideal types of words to use to have the most effect
  • How to write out your speech- learn the best way to write out your speech in order to give the most engaging one possible
  • Why stories can make all the differencelearn how having good stories in your speech can help make your point to the audience
  • What to do right before your speech- learn several important things to do in the minutes before your speech to make sure you are prepared
  • How to open your speech to get people’s attentionlearn what you can do at the very beginning to set the stage for a great speech
  • What you can do during your speechlearn what you can do in order to add to your message without adding any more words
  • How to practice your speechlearn the different ways to practice your speech in order to make sure you are prepared for the big day
  • What to close your speech with- learn what absolutely need to do every time you close out a speech to make sure you’ve had maximum impact


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