Republican Party Structure CW 37

GOP structure

Are you curious about how the Republican Party is structured? Have you heard the names of the various Republican organizations and aren’t sure how it all fits together? Today I am going to do a special podcast to help clear up the confusion! Join me as we take a look at the different organizations that make up the Republican Party.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is the Republican Party– learn what the Republican Party really is and the different organizations that make it up
  • Who makes up the Republican National Committee- learn who the members of the Republican National Committee are and how the elected
  • What the role of the Republican National Committee is- what the RNC is responsible for doing and overseeing
  • How state Republican parties are run- learn who makes up the members of each state’s Republican Party
  • What the job is of Precinct Committeemen- learn what precinct committeemen do and why it is so important
  • Why being a Precinct Committeeman can affect real change- learn why you should consider running for this position to see the Republican Party changed
  • What organization to talk to about your concerns- learn why you need to talk to the right organization in order to have your complaints heard
  • Why you need to be careful about what organization you send money to- learn why some organizations only support incumbents

Contact information: 

John Tsarpalas

Twitter: @JTsarpalas


Free GOP Guide: Available here

Transcript: Available here

Thank you for listening!

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