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Research for a Political Campaign

Learning how to do research for a political campaign is a must if you want to run for local office. Whether you are running a campaign by yourself or on a slate, knowing how to research your opponent or opponents and yourself can make all of the difference between winning and losing.

I am excited to cover this topic with you today because I know the potential impact on your campaign of learning how to do research and what do to with information you find. It can help you shape the messaging for your political campaign as well as know what to expect from your opponent. I want to make sure that you are able to use your research to help you win your election!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a political message quadrant- what it is and how it can help your campaign
  • Why you need to research yourself- why you should take the time to look into what is out there about you before you start your campaign
  • How to research your opponent- where to start your research and what types of things to look for that will help your political campaign
  • What to do with the information you find– how to use your research to help strategize for your political campaign and create your messaging
  • Why the dynamics of your town will impact your research – why you need to know how your town will react to different information before you use it
  • How going door to door can add to your research – how door to door campaigning can have an impact on your research and political campaign
  • How to take polls even if you can’t afford to- how to use creative polling methods in order to do research for a political campaign


Jeremy Porter Communications: Political Message Quadrant

Political Message Quadrant Example:

What We Say About Us

What We Say About Them


What They Say About Us

What They Say About Themselves


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Transcript: Available here

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