Media Relationship for a Successful Campaign

media relationshipA media kit is an important tool that you need to put together for your local political campaign. It will help you be prepared to have a good media relationship.

A basic media kit can contain the following elements:

  • A candidate biography, including a recent professional photograph
  • A cover letter explaining the candidate’s position on important issue
  • A press release and/or press statement

You will want to make sure to keep the information in this media kit up to date and make changes as you need to.

Sample Press Release for a Good Media Relationship

The following are sample press releases for you to use as an example to base your own media kit off of.

Sample press release

Sample press statement

For more information on media relations, please listen to the podcast with Paul Miller. He has some great tips on how to improve your media relationship with local members of the press, including how to get your political campaign covered.

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