The Role of a Scheduler in a Political Campaign CW 63

The Role of a Scheduler in a Political Campaign

Are you working a full time job while running a political campaign for local office? Then you need some help making sure that your calendar stays organized and up to date. You need a scheduler! Today we are talking about the role of a scheduler and how they can help you in your political campaign.

I am excited for you to learn about this important volunteer position that will really help your political campaign. A scheduler will help answer your phone calls, arrange events for you to appear at, and keep your calendar up to date. The role of a scheduler really is invaluable for your political campaign!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Who could be a scheduler– what people you know who you should consider asking to be your scheduler
  • What needs to be on your schedule- what you need to put on your schedule even before you schedule political campaign events
  • What type of events a scheduler should look for– what kind of events should your scheduler plan to have you show up at
  • What information would you need on each event– what information your scheduler will need for each event on your calendar
  • Why you want to know something about groups inviting you– why you should consider if the group inviting you is friendly or not
  • Who you need to share your calendar with- why you need to think about who needs access to you calendar


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