Running for Local Office and Basic Political Campaign Website with Lennie Jarratt CW 24

Web Design Political CampaignThis week Lennie Jarratt joins me for part one of a special two-part podcast. This week we will discuss running for local office and the basics of a political campaign website. Lennie has experience as both a political activist and candidate, while also having a career in technology world. Today he will share his wealth of knowledge and experience with us to help you succeed in your local political campaign.

I am excited to have Lennie on the show this week. One of the best ways to learn what to do in your political campaign is to learn what others wish they had done! Join us for this frank look at Lennie’s primary campaign for Illinois State Senate. He shares with us some great tips to make sure that you have a winning shot when you run for local office.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What is the biggest thing you can do in your political campaign– learn what Lennie regrets about his campaign and how you can avoid his mistakes
  • Why your previous reputation can help or hurt youlearn why what people know about you before your political campaign can help or hinder you
  • When to start fundraisinglearn when the best time is to start fundraising for your local political campaign
  • What tricks you can use in petitioninglearn helpful hints to use when petitioning to help keep yourself on the ballot
  • How to use digital means to advertise your political campaignlearn different ways you can utilize the Internet for name recognition
  • What domains to purchase for your election bidlearn the different domains you need to buy and when you should buy them to protect yourself
  • What basic information to have on your websitelearn what to include on your website and why you need to keep adding information to it




Contact information: 

Lennie Jarratt 

Twitter: @LJarratt


John Tsarpalas



Lennie JarrattLennie Jarratt is the former managing editor (2013 – 2014) of Champion News, an Illinois based news website focused on reporting on Education and Illinois Politics. Jarratt was the managing editor (2004 – 2011) of Education Matters which researched education in local school districts across Illinois.

Jarratt has presented analysis on Common Core and school choice on Fox News, Breitbart, ABC Chicago and multiple radio outlets and newspapers across Illinois. He has been a presenter on panels discussing school choice, common core, and Illinois Freedom of Information Laws with groups such as American Majority, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and Illinois Tea Party groups.

Jarratt has aided over 100 candidates to be elected to local offices, the majority being school board.

Transcript: Available here

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