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running for office on a slate

Have you thought about running for office on a slate? If you have been thinking about running for your local township board, county board or school board, then you should consider if running on a slate would be the best option for you. Today we are going to cover the pros and cons of running on a slate, with a PAC, and as an individual.

I am excited to cover this topic today because I know how exciting and impactful running for office on a slate can be for local candidates. Running for local office is always hard work and it can be very lonely if you are all by yourself. But a slate can help out with those problems- if it is the right slate for you. Today I am going to help you decide whether or not running on slate is right for your local political campaign.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What you need to know before joining a slate- why you should take the time to research the other candidates on the potential slate before joining
  • How to legally set up a slate- what you need to know to make sure that the slate’s filings are done correctly the first time
  • Why you might consider a PAC– what are the pros and cons of having your political campaign supported by a PAC
  • How raising your own money outside of the slate might help- why you might consider doing your own fundraising outside of the slate
  • What questions to ask before you join- and why you want to get everything you agree to in writing ahead of time
  • Why you need to take a look at your own personality first- what questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you are a good fit for running with others
  • How strategy plays into slates- and what interesting situations you might find yourself in if you decide to run for office on a slate
  • Why staying positive with your messaging matters- why you need to make sure that the slate’s messaging stays positive at all times

Contact information: 

John Tsarpalas

Twitter: @JTsarpalas


Transcript: Available here 

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