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This week I am excited to have special guest Kyle Olson on the podcast with me to discuss school board issues. Since the majority of local elections in America are for school board positions, I know that this is an important topic for us all to understand.  

Join Kyle and I as we discuss the most pressing issues facing school boards in the United States today, as well as give you practical tips on how to frame your message for your own school board election. If you have thought about running for your local school board or becoming an activist for education in your community, then you don’t want to miss this podcast!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What unions influencing and selecting school boardsand what you need to be prepared for if you run up against a school board slate
  • What are two important things to include in your messageand how every parent and tax payer can relate to them
  • Why rhetoric mattershow you say what you are saying can either win you votes or lose them
  • How Common Core is influencing education bureaucracyand how you can use it to your advantage when running for school board
  • What to look at before you run for school boardand how it will help you better understand your community and educational spending
  • Why going door to door will help your political campaignand what you can do to let every taxpayer voice their opinion on education
  • Why you need to know what you can and can’t changeand how that will help you to stay on topic with your school board campaign


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Contact information: 

Kyle Olson



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Kyle Olson’s Bio:

Kyle is the Founder, CEO, and Publisher of, a news service dedicated to education reform and school spending research, reporting, analysis and commentary.

He recently appeared in a weekly “Fox & Friends” segment called “The Trouble with Schools” on the Fox News Channel.

His second documentary film is “A Tale of Two Missions,” featuring Juan Williams.  His first book, “Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism,” can be purchased here.

Kyle is a contributor to

He has made other appearances on Fox Business Network, NPR and MSNBC. Kyle has given scores of interviews on talk radio programs coast to coast. His work has been cited by the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

He graduated from Michigan State University in 2001.

Transcript: Available here

Thank you for listening!

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