Six Reasons to Run for Local Political Office CW 66

Six reasons to run for local office

Are you new to Commonwealthy and wondering why I put so much emphasis on running for local political office? Or perhaps you have been listening to the Commonwealthy podcast for a while now and are thinking to yourself, “Why in the world would I want to do all of this work just to serve in a local political office? What are some good reasons to run for local political office?”

Today I am excited to be covering six reasons to run for local political office. With over half a million political offices in America and so much good that can be done, I am hoping to inspire you to take that first step towards making a difference in your community by running for local office.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you can make your spare time matter– what you can do to make sure that your extra time is spent doing something important
  • What you can do with your passion to serve others- how you can use your passions to help make a difference in your community
  • How public service is different than giving back– what public service is and why it is important in America today
  • What you can do to stop the eroding of your community– how running for local political office can make a difference in your community for the long term
  • Why staying positive matters– why you want to keep a positive attitude when you talk to potential supporters and critics a like
  • What you can do to change the public’s view of politicians- why we need citizen legislatures, not professional politicians


Campaign Planner

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John Tsarpalas

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Transcript: Available here

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