The Use of Social Media in a Local Political Campaign with Aubrey Blankenship CW 27

Today Aubrey Blankenship, the communications director for American Majority, joins me on the podcast to discuss the use of social media in a local political campaign. Aubrey has lots of experience helping candidates get their message out to voters using social media. She is going to give us some of her best tips for candidates running for local office today! 

Whether you are a candidate for local political office or a political activist, you need to have social media as a part of your long-term strategy! Social media can be a great tool to connect with people in your community, while also being free advertising. Whether you are just getting your feet wet in social media or you have been a long time user, Aubrey has great tips to help you succeed!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Where to start with social media– learn the best social media to start with to get social media exposure for your political campaign
  • How to set up a page for each major social media sitelearn the basics of how to get started on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, and Google+
  • Why you need to use each social media site differentlearn the purpose of each social media site and how to best utilize it to help your campaign
  • How having measurable goals can help you succeedlearn the importance of measurable goals when using social media in your local campaign
  • When to consider paying for Facebook advertisinglearn why paying for advertising on Facebook may be worth it and how to do it
  • Why your website should be the focal point of your social media siteslearn the importance of keeping your website at the center of everything you do
  • Where to turn to get help with your social media siteslearn who to look to for help managing your social media sites


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Aubrey-Blankenship-headshotAubrey Blankenship is the Director of Communications for American Majority. She has a background in writing and editing, social media marketing, public speaking and grassroots activism.

Aubrey graduated with highest honors with her bachelor’s degree in Journalism followed by her master’s in Media Communications. She published a master’s thesis analyzing how the news media frames political news. Aubrey has worked as editor-in-chief for an online magazine that examines politics and culture for young professionals and content writer and editor for a legal defense firm. From 2009-2011 she taught public speaking and communications classes to over 200 college students.

Her grassroots experience includes leading a campus organization with the goal of educating students on grassroots activism and policy issues. She led GOTV teams across the country, supervising hundreds of volunteers on key campaigns including Bush/Cheney in 2004 and candidates for the Florida House (2004), US Congress in Illinois (2006) and Virginia House and Senate (2008-2010).

 Transcript: Available here

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