Starting a Political Internship Program with Tina Keats CW 23

Political Internship Program

This week Tina is back on the podcast with me to discuss starting a political internship program. Whether you are running an organization or a political campaign, you should highly consider instituting an internship program. It will add lots of energy and excitement to your efforts while helping you get a lot of work done. You will also have the opportunity to influence and shape the next generation. 

I am excited to have Tina join me today because we both have run lots of internship programs for political campaigns. Tina is going to share her knowledge and experience with us so that you can learn the most important steps to starting a political internship program for yourself. If you want your campaign to have the most impact today and in the future, then you need to listen to this podcast!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why you should consider a internship program– learn the advantages to an internship program and why it can help your political campaign
  • How to structure payment for your internslearn how to pay your interns in order to make sure they get the most out of the program
  • What to have your interns dolearn what types of tasks you can give an intern to best benefit your campaign and their future
  • Why having fun matterslearn creative ideas for making your internship program fun while also being educational
  • How to evaluate your internslearn why you should consider evaluations and how to do them to have the most impact
  • What age to consider for internshipslearn the best age groups to include in your political internship program
  • Where to recruit your internslearn where to advertise for your internship program to get the best candidates
  • How long your internship program should belearn why the time of year and size of your campaign could effect the length of time of an internship


Sample political campaign internship application: Word document

Contact information: 

John Tsarpalas


Transcript: Available here 

Thank you for listening!

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