Stump Speech 101

Are you running for political office? Do you have a stump speech? You need one. Every candidate needs a speech three to five minutes in length. It talks a little bit about the campaign, the issues, themselves.

But here is where you start. You start by getting a little index card or piece of paper and write down your name, the office you are running for, and a little biographical information about yourself. You don’t want all that in your speech. It’s too boring. Let somebody else introduce you and run through that stuff with the audience.

When you get out there, you can start strong and start bold. Are you tired of boring stump speeches? I am running for commissioner of stump speeches. I started with a question. A rhetorical question is a great way to open. Questions sprinkled in throughout your speech always makes the audience refocus and gets their minds engaged again. So think about using questions here and there.

Come out strong. If you want to open with a joke, you better be funny, because if you are not, it is not going to work and you are not going to engage the audience. You are going to lose them. So only if you are a really funny person. Have something that is strong and paints a picture of what is going on in the district and why it is important for you to be elected.

Then move on to the body of the speech. Here’s where you need to tell a story. When you are telling a story, use descriptive words. Paint pictures in people’s minds.

Tell them something about why you are running or something that has motivated you in life. A little bit more about what’s going on inside and about you or the situation. Or someone you’ve met who has been affected by the sitatuion that you are trying to change by getting elected.

Once you are done with the story, you want to get to the closing. The closing should be a call to action. You are here for a reason. You want them to vote for you. You want them to support you. You want them to donate money to you. Perhaps you just want them to sign up and give an email address.

But ask for something. If you don’t ask, it isn’t going to happen. So at least ask for the vote. If not, sign up on a sign up sheet and take it from there.

This is something that could be done with a lot of practice. You start off doing your stump speech by getting up and practicing in front of a mirror, then practicing in front of family and friends. Video tape it so you get an idea of what you look like.

Your speech does not have to come out perfect. It does not have to come out the same every time. You just have to get up there and look poised and look like a leader.

It’s not hard. A little practice and you’ll be out there winning votes on the stump speech circuit. So go get them!

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