Good Advice for the New Candidate with Kristina Keats CW 55

Good advice for the new candidate

Today we celebrate Commonwealthy’s one year anniversary with a special podcast highlighting some of the top topics from last year as well as a special conversation with Tina Keats. The theme of this podcast, as well as Commonwealthy as a whole, is good advice for the new candidate. If you are thinking of running for local office, then this is a great episode for you! Continue reading

Good Advice for the New Candidate with Kristina Keats CW 55- transcript


MAKESJohn Tsarpalas: Welcome to the first anniversary of the Commonwealthy podcast. Yes, it’s been one year. Actually today is episode 55. You’ll say, “Well, there are 52 weeks in year.” However, when we launched, that first week we launched with a couple of episodes right off the bat along with the introductory episode, which was numbered 00.

And according to podcasting marketers, this is supposed to be a good idea, although I question it at this point since I had nobody listening at that moment what the point was. But I guess if people find you and there is more content, that’s a good thing they say.

But this isn’t a podcast about podcasts. This is a podcast about how to run for local office and win with activist ideas thrown in. It’s been fun. The first year I tried to concentrate on what a candidate needs to know to put together a campaign, with a lot of emphasis on field operations, door knocking, the whole concept of IDing people through phone calls, knocking doors, and Get Out the Vote. Continue reading