Using Public Speaking to Win Support CW 52- Transcript

Using public speaking to win support

John Tsarpalas: You are about to hear a presentation I gave for American Majority at CPAC 2016. I think you are going to find some very useful information. If you are an activist or you are a candidate, you need to be public speaking and using that forum to promote yourself as a candidate or to promote ideas.

Today, Commonwealthy #52, Using Public Speaking to Win Support. Continue reading

Political Activism Wisconsin Style with Matt Batzel CW 30

Political Activism Matt Batzel

My special guest today is Matt Batzel, national executive director of American Majority. Matt has been heavily involved in political activism in his home state of Wisconsin for many years now. He has a lot of information how to successfully do grassroots political activism in today’s culture and society that he is going to share with us! Continue reading

Political Activism Wisconsin Style with Matt Batzel CW 30- Transcript

Political ActivistJohn Tsarpalas: Calling all candidates, organizers, and activists! You know what, all three of you need to work together to be successful. This podcast and my guest today talk about why they have been successful in Wisconsin and some of the things going on in the background, as well as candidates running for lower office that are providing support for the entire movement that’s sweeping across Wisconsin and making a real difference. Continue reading

American Majority with Ned Ryun CW 22

American Majority Politics
This week Ned Ryun of American Majority joins me as a special guest on the podcast. We will be discussing what American Majority does and how great people in this organization can help train you to be a better activist or candidate in local politics. If you are considering running for local political office, then you don’t want to miss this podcast! Continue reading