The Five Key Elements of a Persuasive Tag Line

Guest Post by Kristina Keats

So what is a tag line?  It is a pithy message that defines your campaign. Before you design any literature, write any speeches, or in any way market yourself, you should have a tag line that works for you.  If it is good, it should be easy to remember and easy for you to explain your ideas and platform as it relates to your tag line. Continue reading

What Do You Learn When You Lose Your Election with Kristina Keats CW 70

what do you learn when you lose your election

You have put all of this time, energy, and money into running for local political office, but you lost the election. Did you just waste the last several months doing something that didn’t matter? Or perhaps can you look at the situation differently in your mind? Today on Commonwealthy we are going to cover what do you learn when you lose your election. Continue reading

Last Month Before the Election CW 67

last month before the electionAre you running for local political office? Do you know what you need to be doing during this last month before the election? Don’t worry, I am here to fill you in on everything that you need to do so you are prepared to have the best shot at winning possible!

With only four weeks to go before Election 2016, I am excited to share my last minute to do list with you so that as a candidate for local political office you can hit the ground running! Make sure to listen to this podcast so you know what you need to be doing in the last month before the election. Continue reading

Precinct Work CW 44- Transcript

precinct work

John Tsarpalas: I wanted to go into more detail on how things work in a precinct level. How do you analyze what precincts to work, figure out swing voters and ticket splitters, swing precincts, fortress precincts, and timing of when you are working that precinct? How about registering voters that might be voting for you?

And then I add a little smattering at campaign finance law thrown in here because I got ticked off thinking about it. So today, it is Commonwealthy #44, Precinct Work. Continue reading