Beating an Incumbent CW 62- Transcript

Beating an Incumbent

I am very active on Twitter. Someone wrote to me and said they love the Commonwealthy podcast, but they’d like more information about running against an incumbent. They said we hadn’t covered that topic and she was right. So this is for you, Shay. If you want to find me on Twitter, I am @JTsarpalas.

Today we are going to talk about strategies and things you need to do if you are running against an incumbent. This is Commonwealthy #62, Beating an Incumbent. Continue reading

Truthful Facts Aren’t Negatives with Kristina Keats CW 39

truthful facts

Tina joins me on the podcast today as we cover an important part of any political campaign: negatives! So many first time candidates are determined to not have a negative campaign. In doing so, they miss out on an opportunity to educate the voters on the relative truths about their opponent. Don’t let this happen to you! Continue reading

All Politics is Local with Jason Barickman CW 17

commonwealthy_LOCAL ELECTIONS
This week I have a very special guest joining me on the podcast, Illinois State Senator Jason Barickman. For a young man of forty, Jason has a wealth of experience in different levels of local and state politics. Today Jason will share with us some of the keys to his success in the political arena since his university days.   Continue reading