Campaign Election Law Basics with Deanna Mool CW 06

Deanna Mool
I am excited to have a special guest with me this week. Deanna Mool is a lawyer who has over twenty years of experience with election law. She was worked with legislative caucus as a general counsel, state parties, and many individual candidates. She has decades of experience to share with us today!

Today we are discussing campaign election law basics. We want you to know ahead of time what you will need to know to keep your campaign on the up and up, as well as how to avoid those pesky fines! Join us today as we lay a foundation for a good campaign run the legal way!
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Campaign Law Basics with Deanna Mool CW 06- Transcript

Campaign LawJohn Tsarpalas: Well, I’m here with my friend and attorney, Deanna Mool. Deanna is an attorney in Springfield, Illinois, which is the state capital. She’s an election law specialist for over twenty years. She’s worked with legislative caucus, with state party, and many candidates. So welcome to Commonwealthy podcast.

Deanna Mool: Thank you.

John Tsarpalas: And I’ve got a whole list of questions I’d like to run through. We want to keep it fairly general because election law tends to be different in every state. But there are certain concepts that carry across state lines.

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