The Five Key Elements of a Persuasive Tag Line

Guest Post by Kristina Keats

So what is a tag line?  It is a pithy message that defines your campaign. Before you design any literature, write any speeches, or in any way market yourself, you should have a tag line that works for you.  If it is good, it should be easy to remember and easy for you to explain your ideas and platform as it relates to your tag line. Continue reading

Campaign Palm Cards with Kristina Keats CW 05

Blank campaign palm card
This week Kristina “Tina” Keats is joining me again to talk about your campaign palm cards. These cards are a campaign staple that every candidate needs to have as soon as they start campaigning. We are going to go through designing palm cards step by step so that you can have effective literature that helps people learn about you and then vote for you!

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Campaign Palm Cards with Kristina Keats CW 05- Transcript

Man hand hold empty card isolated on whiteJohn Tsarpalas: Well, I’m here with Kristina Keats and we’re talking about getting ready to run for local office. And one of the first things I think we both agree that a candidate needs is a piece of literature. Before they’ve even gone out with their petitions, they should get that together and a design and look. They need a logo. They need a good picture, etc.

Anyway, let’s get into this whole concept. And then when they are out petitioning, they’ve got something to hand to people so people can remember them and see their name in print. So let’s start with what’s called in the industry a campaign palm card. It’s basically the size of a palm card.

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