You Just Won Your Election with Kristina Keats CW 69- transcript

you just won your election

John Tsarpalas: Kristina Keats is here with me today. We are going to talk about some things you need to think about if you have just won your election. There are some pitfalls to watch out for there, some things you should think about doing, and ways you should behave. It’s Commonwealthy #69, You Just Won Your Election. Continue reading

The Effect of the Rest of Your Ticket on Your Political Campaign CW 61

The Effect of the Rest of the Ticket on Your Political Campaign (1)

Today I am going to discuss a very important topic, especially for the unusual election cycle that we are having in 2016: the effect of the rest of the ticket on your political campaign. When you are preparing for your local election, you need to think about who and what else is going to be on the ballot. Believe it or not, that can really affect your voter turnout! Continue reading

Starting a Political Internship Program with Tina Keats CW 23

Political Internship Program

This week Tina is back on the podcast with me to discuss starting a political internship program. Whether you are running an organization or a political campaign, you should highly consider instituting an internship program. It will add lots of energy and excitement to your efforts while helping you get a lot of work done. You will also have the opportunity to influence and shape the next generation.  Continue reading