What Do You Learn When You Lose Your Election with Kristina Keats CW 70- transcript

what do you learn when you lose your electionJohn Tsarpalas: If you lost an election, you might be feeling bad, but don’t. Let’s stop to think about everything you learned and how you are going to do better next time and where this can lead. This is Commonwealthy #70, What Do You Learn When You Lose an Election. Continue reading

Signs and Designs for Political Campaigns CW 68- transcript

signs and designs for political campaignsJohn Tsarpalas: Today’s Commonwealthy podcast posts on October 25, 2016, exactly two weeks before the November election. I want to talk about yard signs. Why? Because what better time of the year and time of the season than a presidential year to go outside, look around your area, look around your neighborhood, and look at the yard signs?

They pop up everywhere right now. That’s what we are going to talk about today on Commonwealthy #68, Signs and Designs for a Political Campaign. Continue reading

Campaign Election Law Basics with Deanna Mool CW 06

Deanna Mool
I am excited to have a special guest with me this week. Deanna Mool is a lawyer who has over twenty years of experience with election law. She was worked with legislative caucus as a general counsel, state parties, and many individual candidates. She has decades of experience to share with us today!

Today we are discussing campaign election law basics. We want you to know ahead of time what you will need to know to keep your campaign on the up and up, as well as how to avoid those pesky fines! Join us today as we lay a foundation for a good campaign run the legal way!
Continue reading