Research for a Political Campaign CW 76- transcript

John Tsarpalas: It occurred to me during the last podcast that I was talking about you need to know your opposition (who you are running against). That was the podcast about running on a slate. Who you are running against? What’s the slate going to stand for? What is the big issue in the election?

It dawned on me that we had not talked about doing research. So this Commonwealthy #76, Research for a Political Campaign. Continue reading

Making Political Events Pay Off CW 73

Making Political Events Pay Off (1)

Are you wondering if attending political events is even worth your time, effort, and money? Are you tired of feeling like you are putting forth all of this effort to be at and throw different events, but have very little to show for it. Today I am going to give you tips on making political events pay off for your local political campaign or activist organization. Continue reading