Circles of Influence & Dealing with a Bad Volunteer with Tina Keats CW 18

Circle of Influence to illustrate communicating a message to your contacts, friends and family for political campaign

This week Tina is back on the podcast with me to discuss two important topics for every local political campaign: circles of influence and dealing with a bad volunteer. For the first portion of the podcast, Tina and I will give you tips on how to identify and expand your circle of influence. In the second part, we will teach you had to handle difficult volunteers. Continue reading

Circles of Influence and Dealing with a Bad Volunteer with Kristina Keats CW 18 Transcript

Circles of Influence Bad Volunteer Political CampaignJohn Tsarpalas: Today on Commonwealthy, Kristina Keats and I discuss two separate topics. The first one is circles of influence. And then, as sort of a follow up to episode #15 “Volunteers in a Political Campaign,” we will be talking about dealing with a bad volunteer because every once in a while that happens. This is Commonwealthy #18.   Continue reading