Voter Databases and Systems with Chris Littleton CW 26

Voter Databases and Systems

I have a special podcast guest today, Chris Littleton of Voter Gravity. Chris helped lead a citizen’s initiative that won with one of the largest margins of victory of any statewide citizen’s initiative in the state. When it comes to voter databases and grassroots efforts, Chris really knows his stuff! He is joining me on the podcast today to share his wealth of knowledge with you. Continue reading

Door to Door CW 10- Transcript

Hand knocking on the door

John Tsarpalas: If you want to win your election, the most important thing you can do is go door to door. It’s Commonwealthy episode #10. Hey, we made it to double digits! Door to Door.

We’ve all heard the saying “all politics is local.” And what’s more local than a candidate or an activist going door to door talking to voters about their campaign, voting for them, or an issue? So today on Commonwealthy, I’d like to talk about the art of going door to door. Because there is an art to it. It takes practice and you’ll get better and better at it. I’ve got some tips and some thoughts on what you need to do to make it more interesting and keep it comfortable for yourself.

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