Editorial Boards with Steve Huntley CW 32

Newspaper Editorial Boards

My special guest on the podcast today is Steve Huntley, the former editor of the editorial page at the Chicago Sun-Times. For a long time, Steve was one of the few conservative voices in Chicago newspapers. Today Steve is going to provide us with tips on editorial boards from his years of experience in the journalism world. Continue reading

Editorial Boards with Steve Huntley CW 32- transcript

Editorial BoardsJohn Tsarpalas: Editorial boards. Most candidates are going to get questioned by their local newspaper. Often you have to go in and sit before an editorial board. Today I am going to have the former editorial page of editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, Steve Huntley, discuss what candidates need to do to prepare for an editorial board and how an editorial board works. Continue reading

Preparing for Debates and Editorial Boards With Kristina Keats CW 31- transcript


Editorial Boards

John Tsarpalas: Have you been watching the presidential debates on TV? I cannot believe how poorly some of these candidates have prepared! Tina and I have been preparing people for many years. Today our topic is preparing for debates and editorial boards. Commonwealthy #31.    Continue reading