Six Reasons to Run for Local Political Office CW 66- transcript

 Six Reasons to Run for Local Political OfficeJohn Tsarpalas: I often speak to different groups (Tea Party groups, GOP groups, or any group that would like to learn about how to run for local political office). I give some of the beginning steps and thoughts about how to be a good candidate. So if you have a group and you’d like me to come talk to you, I am happy to do it. Just reach out to me at

I was recently at a group. A very sharp fellow stepped up during the Questions and Answers and gave me his six reasons not to run. I sat down and started recording this podcast with the reasons not to run. It was all negative. I got done and I thought, “Who wants to hear all of these negative reasons?”

There are so many reasons on why you should run. So let’s run through those six reasons why you should run for political office. This is Commonwealthy #66, Six Reasons to Run for Local Political Office.

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