You Just Won Your Election with Kristina Keats CW 69- transcript

you just won your election

John Tsarpalas: Kristina Keats is here with me today. We are going to talk about some things you need to think about if you have just won your election. There are some pitfalls to watch out for there, some things you should think about doing, and ways you should behave. It’s Commonwealthy #69, You Just Won Your Election. Continue reading

Last Month Before the Election CW 67

last month before the electionAre you running for local political office? Do you know what you need to be doing during this last month before the election? Don’t worry, I am here to fill you in on everything that you need to do so you are prepared to have the best shot at winning possible!

With only four weeks to go before Election 2016, I am excited to share my last minute to do list with you so that as a candidate for local political office you can hit the ground running! Make sure to listen to this podcast so you know what you need to be doing in the last month before the election. Continue reading

Two Months Until Election: DON’T PANIC with Kristina Keats CW 65

two months until election

I am excited to have Kristina Keats back on the podcast today to help me cover everything you need to know about the last two months before your local election! If you are starting to panic, don’t! We will break down in simple steps what you need to make sure to do so you can keep your calm while you run for local political office.

I know it can seem overwhelming when you only have sixty days left before the election. There is so much to do and so little time to do it in! But don’t worry, we will help you by making sure you know what is worth spending your time on and what you skip. Continue reading

Initiatives and Referendums with Paul Jacobs CW 08

Paul Jacobs

This week special guest Paul Jacob joins me to discuss initiatives and referendums. Paul is president of the Liberty Initiative Fund, a national organization helping citizens place issues on the ballot to hold politicians accountable, fight crony capitalism and protect our liberties. Paul was the leading voice for the term limit’s movement for more than a decade, and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you today about how to bring about real change in your community.

Continue reading